Commercial Account Auditing

A graph representing our commercial account billing services

Have you ever wondered “How can I save money in my business?” Business Solutions Enterprises can help with our commercial account auditing services. Contact us today to learn how to decrease unnecessary utilities spending and increase your profit margins.

Our Integrated Auditing Services

At Business Solutions Enterprises, we live up to our name by offering our clients viable solutions to financial concerns. We can help you reduce expenses and find more money in your budget. We have 25 years of auditing experience, and our expert team has worked with thousands of small and medium-sized companies across the United States. We can help you:

  • Manage your monthly cash flow
  • Create monthly and annual budgets
  • Identify discounts, refunds, savings, and credits on your utility bills
  • Identify discounts, refunds, savings, and credits on your telecommunications bills
  • Resolve contract disputes

We’ll review your current financial situation and help you plan to budget your company expenses while finding optimized solutions for necessary expenses like internet, electricity, gas, water, and sewer services. Let us discover how much money we can find for you.

Our Expense Management Services

We also offer expense management and commercial account billing services when it comes to your telecommunications and utilities. We’ll review your annual consumption of these resources and find the best rates for your needs with your current providers.

We work with and are familiar with many vendors and carriers, and we can find you deals, manage your contracts, and resolve conflicts — with one point of contact for you. You can manage internet, phone, data, and utilities bills at the same time by working with us.

We are confident that we can secure 15–25 percent savings for you every month, and we offer fixed rates with our one-, two-, and three-year programs. As an experienced energy consultant, we can tackle the confusing energy and telecommunications industries on your behalf, giving you the best financial results possible.

Contact Business Solutions Enterprises today to start saving money on your commercial accounts with our auditing and billing services.