Commercial Account Auditing

A graph representing our commercial account billing services

FULLY Integrated Audit/Review of all BUSINESS COSTS REDUCTIONS ​​

  • Multi Vendors with multi-services across the USA with 1- POINT of CONTACT
  • Billing and Contract Management with 1-point of contact.
  • ONE Portal to MULTI-Portals for DATA and INTERNET needs with 1-point of contact.
  • Optimized: Mobility / Wireless Devices / Cellphones / with 1-point of contact.
  • Manage contracts / ETF / Conflicts / with all your vendors on Telecom…Voice-DATA-Internet
  • Your phone closet is NOT the place for critical communications.

BCR and Bill Evans, has been working with thousands of small to medium companies across the USA for over 25 years with much success. We identify and secure: refunds, discounts, credits, and savings on All your Telecommunications Needs, Electric & Gas, Water & Sewer, & ALL Utility Bills.

As an expert utility auditor: “How much can we find your company “

We offer a FREE analysis and review, to determine which plans best fits your needs. We are the consultant that pays you.

Expense Management Team

BCR offers contract negotiations on Voice, Data, Equipment, Wireless, Internets, and mobile services.

Reading the fine print
Have you gotten one of those too good to be true telecom offers lately the ones that make you really think about switching your services to capture an unbelievable low rate.

Maybe you received a advertising flyer or a brochure in the mail for a call to action to get additional information.

Let's stop and think of the old adage that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Sometimes there are good deals, the key is to fully understand what you're buying, before you buy it. You need to make your decisions based on more than just a great  low rate offer.

But what about the hidden cost, hidden fees, hidden taxes, and hidden surcharges, and all of the disclaimers, do they really need to be bundled.

If your new provider has an outage will all your services be affected imagine the frustration of having no voice no e-mail no DATA and no internet for 5 minutes,5 hours, or 5 days. Does your company have a disaster recovery plan in place that can cover such an outage.  Is there someone you can call to speak with to resolve this problem when emergencies happen.

BCR and Bill Evans is that person who can immediately resolve your issues with the carriers and providers as your active agent and consultant. When you work with Bill Evans and BCR you can count on personalized service and support for your business all the time. We know that price matters when making a buying decision, however price is a one-time thing, service and reliability is the true savings.

Allow us to secure 15 to 25% savings in every month. We take the confusion and misunderstanding out of the energy and telecommunications business for your company. BCR works only with the major suppliers, vendors, and carriers, after careful review, we offer you the best discounted rates for your business.

We offer guaranteed fixed rates from 1, 2,and 3 year programs. We do a complete review of your annual consumption, and secure the best rates possible.

BCR and Bill Evans the agent & consultant who knows the Who's Who at each of the carriers and vendors in the utility industries, such as electric, gas, water, sewer, telecommunications, wireless devices, and all mobile services. Allow us to be your trusted advisor and telecom expert on all of your Voice, Data, Internet, and Wireless, and Utility needs. 

As an Energy Savings Consultant, we been very successful securing Guaranteed Fixed Rates since 1991. In 2010 deregulation of electric and gas has created many opportunities to secure savings of 15 to 25%. We guarantee results with the delivery through your incumbent local electric and gas companies. Think of us as your expert negotiator with access to wholesale rates at guaranteed fixed rates. We value our abilities to have the contacts within the major suppliers and providers for these services.