Bill Evans and BCR represent, and work with the top DATA sovereignty, and security management providers, for critical requirements, demanded by enterprise clients, and those that are subject to formal compliance regulations. We offer the top leaders in manage cloud services, with years of experience in protecting, reporting and auditing SMB, Enterprise, and Legacy customers networks.

We work with CEO’s ,Presidents, Vice Presidents, MIS-IT Directors, CFOs and VF of Finance, General Managers,  Office Business Managers and others.

BCR specializes in managed and Hosted DATA and cloud solutions. As well as Managed Hosting, and Managed Disaster Recovery,

BCR has connections to all the go to people at the top of the DATA and CLOUD solutions Providers. These are just some of the issues to consider when considering a move to the cloud: security, management, and cost.

BCR offers: AWS Amazon Web services and MS AZURE with Microsoft, cloud services, managed and secure MS office 365 business-class software, including business-class Skype for business 2 to 250 users over the Internet. To maintain compliance for PCI, SOX, HIPAA and GLB.

Secure global DATA coverage, encrypted technology for messaging DATA at rest or DATA in motion.

Celebrate your cloud practice with the strategy cloud partner, boost revenue with sophisticated solutions, build customer confidence, profit from the cloud now and tomorrow.

Complete DATA recovery, backup for efficient IT service. Many IT professionals are limited to managing only critical infrastructure such as e-mails, databases, or a central file server.

Our vendors offer secure backup and recovery, with backup workstations and DATA Servers, including  the  NEW hybrid approach, that will work for almost any business. Finally a single platform for all your backup needs.

Backup files, folders, with complete images for any device.

5 minutes restores through local images on existing storage
28 Day rolling retention and permanent archiving
128, 256, AES or 448 bit Blowfish encryption

VM restored to AZURE, AWS, or your own private DATA center On-Site or Off-Premise.

Try hybrid cloud backup FREE for 30 days, get the support you need, and pay-as-you-go for only the devices used.

BCR specializes in DATA and CLOUD Storage, managed and unmanaged, On-Premise and Off- Premise services.

We help companies like yours, move your mobile communications needs from the telecom closet to the cloud, with private firewalls, and security solutions.

MAC and LINUX environments. Choose between 100% cloud-based SaaS and On-Premise remote monitoring and management deployments for maximum flexibility.

We allow you to partner up with the largest providers and vendors of managed DATA services, as your business changes size, whether you're running IT for a small start up, a midsize company, or a large enterprise.

IoT Internet of things. Hadoop and applications for DATA security and privacy in IoT. Adoption of private or public clouds, big DATA marketplace, big DATA storage, DATA organizations, DATA security, DATA access, DATA warehouse, DATA optimization. BCR has secured a program that can identify refunds and credits on your wireless communications costs for all types of devices

BCR offers a single source provider for your IT and telecom solutions. We offer cloud security and management needs. With award winning partner programs to increase your revenues and decrease your turn with no minimums and no commitments as well as training on-site with sales engineers and marketing specialist. To include virtual desktops and servers, disaster recovery, managed services, security and compliance, hosted PBX, & network engineering.

BCR offers state-of-the-art  SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and DATA Hybrids, vs MPLS Voice and DATA solutions. Allowing voice priority, then DATA, Internet, mobile capabilities, with the major carriers such as AT&T, Century Link, Windstream, Level 3, Verizon Business ( VzB), we work with RBOC, ILEX, CLECs, with Public and Private Network providers. Design to improve speed, bandwidth, reliability, stability and Internet connection, at the lowest possible rates.
We work with the 3 major cloud options: public, private, or hybrid. We also determine the importance of multi-cloud providers and redundancy for best results required by your company.

Cloud Solutions for VoIP,  public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud. 
Cable Legacy circuits, Fiber circuits, Voice and DATA Circuits, Hi-Capacity circuits such as MPLS and SD-LAN or SD-WAN, SIP Trunks or PRI Circuits. Let us help you decide which is the best choice for your needs.

BCR has partnered up with leading providers to :
Stop Ransomware / Cyber Crime / Stop Cyber Criminals in their tracks / No longer do you need to pay a Ransom Fee to unlock your data and network.
Ransomware is dead with proactive backup and disaster recovery solutions
We offer proactive intelligence, to be counter intuit.

  • Business Connectivity
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions 
  • Veeam Software
  • Seamless and Rapid Recovery when disaster strikes

How secure are your networks when your employees go on to your network, or open source internet, every day, to every websites. Your people are the weakest link on your network, it is easy to have hackers come through the front door. With on-site and Off-site monitoring, which is essential in the healthcare industries, and not for profit organizations Extend your premises, to lock down, and secure, your DATA, websites, and networks 24/7/365

We are proud to announce that we can negotiate with the number one ( #1 )  managed cloud company, why be overwhelmed with the complexity and cost. Let us show you the best DATA storage solutions for your needs and requirements. To include managed hosting, managed disaster recovery, fully meshed DATA solutions. We offer FREE analysis quotes, based on your actual needs, including best solutions. 

Let us discuss why 70% of the Fortune 100 companies and over 300,000 customers choose the number one managed cloud provider.

BCR and Bill Evans prides itself on getting the lowest cost and best customer support 24 x 7 x 365 with our special team of experts.

We even offer managed AWS cloud services, Microsoft AZURE, Microsoft Office 365, and fully managed security services as well as robust facilities and SLA. With high scalability and user friendly web portal control panels. Let us show you how to manage your COSTS of  SCALE.

If you are like 65% of small to medium businesses you may not he prepared for the next IT disaster. Costing your business as much as $84,000 on average.

SIP trunks for your business communications offers the resiliency and flexibility to ensure your business communications are protected, for the fastest recovery time on an outage. Time is your enemy until total restoration of communication is restored.

We can even offer on-site surveys, on all your communications needs, at any location in the USA. Can also be your project manager, to complete the installation and turn up of new services at new sites or existing locations. Including all the installations, configuration's, setups, Internet settings, equipment and devices.

BCR specializes in companies and firms going thru acquisitions and mergers, to dissolving and closing down,  to opening new startup locations.

VoIP equipment: allow BCR/Bill Evans to explain the differences between ADTRAN, Aastra,Avaya-Lucent, Cisco, Comdial-Vertical, ESI, Iwatsu, Mitel, NEC, Nortel-Avaya, Panasonic, Plantronics, Polycom, Siemens, SNOM,Telrad, Toshiba, Vodavi, Winn Communications, Yealink, and many, many more.

VoIP services and solutions, we find the problems, then we resolve the problems on your VoIP phones with your vendors and carriers.

We are always looking for ways to reduce your cost, while improving your business efficiency.

We help companies like yours, move communications needs from the telecom closet to the cloud, with private firewalls, and security solutions.

We offer fixed unlimited calling plans, dialtone with measured calls, to keep your costs to a minimum.

BCR and Bill Evans the agent that works for you, on all solutions. ​

Data Managed Solutions  and Managed VoIP Solutions