What customers are saying about BCR and Bill Evans:

No one has a perfect platform or carrier/provider. However, when an outage or mis-hap occurs we can count on Bill Evans /BCR to get it resolved with 1 phone call and results happen. For over 15 years we rely on Bill and his team with confidence that it will get done ASAP. CSTK

We have saved over $500,000.00 with the expert advice and continued services that Bill Evans and BCR provides us. Each year we continue to save even more. His efforts to SAVE us Money has made me look great by the Board of Directors at our company. PRPM

We have total satisfaction with our selection to use Bill Evans /BCR and the telecom providers he has installed and manage at our premise. ABC

Over the years we have tried other telecom companies and consultants/agents with unhappy results. However, Bill Evans/ BCR has always come through for us. RCP

In this day and age, it is a welcome breath of fresh air to have found a professional telecom consultant/agent that can actually deliver a full service solution.  TMG

I would recommend Bill Evans/BCR to anyone choosing to change telecom vendors. I look forward to his on-going services to maintain our account.  TMG

Bill Evans / BCR has saved our company a small fortune over the past 18 years, with REFUNDS, CREDITS, DISCOUNTS, and SAVINGS. TGI

Our hospital was in desperate need of a phone system upgrade. We were operating for years with outdated equipment. Receiving multiple bills from multiple carriers, with continued over-billing charges. Unfortunately, our own attempts to resolve were never successful. Perhaps the best part of using Bill Evans / BCR, was to have Bill review our phone and internet bills. He knew exactly what to do to eliminate excess charges, then he implemented these savings ASAP. Allowing us enough savings to pay for our new phone equipment. CPVH

Bill Evans/BCR has come to our rescue many times over the past 15 year, and always successful in keeping our telephone services and most important our TF numbers working throughout all emergencies. He is without a doubt the GO TO guy for comprehensive telecommunications information and services in this region. Your contacts coupled with your clout, keeps the providers in line for controlling telecom expenses and continuity of services. It has been my please working with you over the years. I owe you a debt of gratitude for the times you pulled us out of the soup when our lines were down. I am now retiring after 35+ years. I wish you continued success. AB Company

And many, many, more accolades, and appreciations over the past 25 years.

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Manta.com has over 30 million USA businesses:  BSE, BCR, and Bill Evans have been listed with Manta since Sept 2000. Bill Evans and BCR have been saving money and reducing cost for thousands of companies since 1991. Let us find your company credits, refunds, discounts, and savings.

State-of-the-art wireless communications for your building and all devices Bill Evans and BCR has teamed up other communications providers, and has worked very closely with small savings-and-loan banking companies in New Jersey. Similar to large financial institutions that must comply with state and federal mandated regulations, such as USA Patriot Act, Provtiviti Banking Compliance, and other state and federal regulations in the financial services market. Through state-of-the-art laser technology and wireless communications, FluidMesh has installed exterior units on three buildings allowing the sharing of DATA and Internet with private fiber-optic circuits with secure services between buildings and branches. Saving tens of thousands of dollars annually in voice and data communications cost. Offering backup redundancy on both voice and data and disaster recovery stored at off premise DATA warehouses, such as FIS / SunGard secured storage facilities.

Healthcare, government, commercial and industrial clients:  Is your company in compliance, and certified for HIPAA (Health Insurance and Portability Accountability Act). Validate and adherence to certain DSS  (DATA Security Standards ) requirements. CSA STAR, potential clouds customers to review best security practices of providers leading to high quality procurement experiences. We work with the top shelf providers with a variety of cloud certifications in North America: i.e. Cisco CMSP, Cisco IaaS, Cisco DRaaS, EMC CSP, VMware VSPP, Microsoft CSP, Microsoft Mobility, Microsoft SCA, Polycom Platinum Providers, across all software platforms.