TEM Telecom Expense Management 

Can your company afford to be over-spending on telecom?

Many of our clients have SAVED 20-30% or $200.00 to $5000.00 per month. 

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We have identified hundreds of thousands of dollars, in excess carrier fees, taxes, defective wiring, and wireless pooling structures, as well as maintenance agreements & fees. Various employee cell phone usage, misrouting of PBX calls, and new competitive offers.

We identify and secure: refunds, discounts, credits, and savings on All your Telecommunications Needs on Electric & Gas, Water & Sewer, & ALL Utility Bills.

As an expert utility auditor: “How much can we find your company

Many other Business Cost Reductions and Cost SAVING opportunities.

  • VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol
  • HOSTED solutions
  • MANAGED Solutions
  • CLIENT (Premise) BASED Solutions
  • Hub and Spoke 
  • Virtual offices
  • Improve firewalls and security solutions

Contract Analysis…we work with your existing vendors, negotiate the best rates and terms, available today. BCR can also secure the best solutions available on the Market for your needs as well. Our experienced staff is well seasoned in securing the Optimal programs available for your needs with over 25 years hands-on experience.

Let us see what we can find for you. 
We are the agent that works for you on all your solutions typically at no charge to the client. We are compensated from the actual refunds and savings to your company. My goal is to provide great solutions at great savings.

We even negotiate (ETF) early termination contracts and conflicts with your old vendors on telecom, voice, DATA, and Internet.

We offer a FREE analysis and review, to determine which plans best fits your needs.

BCR offers contract negotiations on Voice, Data, Equipment, Wireless, Internets, and mobile services.