By definition:

What is Business Cost Reduction (BCR): the process of looking for, finding and removing unwarranted expenses from a business. To increase profits, without having a negative impact on product quality.

Many business managers will engage in periodic business cost reduction, in order to make their companies operation more efficient and to boost profits.

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At Business Cost Reduction, our specialty is helping you reduce business spending by taking advantage of hosted VoIP and cloud storage solutions. For over 25 years, we have helped businesses all along the east coast cut costs and save money! 

BCR Our  Name is Exactly What we Offer for Your Company

“Finding Ways to REDUCE SPENDING is Our Goal”

“LOST MONEY in bad billing practices , allow us to recover those funds”

  • Benefit: #1   We have many solutions that can be offered to your company, to improve or solve problems.
  • Benefit: #2   Explain the pain points, and how they can be alleviated
  • Benefit: #3  Finally we offer a turnkey solution from start to finish.

50% of any projects is getting the paperwork in place correctly, then going through the proper channels. Most importantly, what you know, and who you know, will get things done quickly. The other 50% is final completion, and customer satisfaction, once the project is done.

Wireless Devices:  Cutting cost on all your wireless devices.

We specialize in securing better plans, lower cost, reduced rates, with your existing cell phone carriers.

No need to change carriers !

Most reps or consultants only switch carriers to save you money leaving you with unexpected early termination fee ( ETF) that can amount to thousands of dollars.

We offer ongoing monitoring of all your wireless devices and cost every month, to ensure you are on the best costs and benefits plans.

We eliminate ghost billing, as well as constantly updating disconnected and no longer needed devices.

You can add or delete any users same day requested. We negotiate with the top four carriers in the wireless communications business.

  • AT&T Wireless
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Sprint Wireless
  • T-Mobile